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  Articles about Parrots & Other Birds
At Parrot Island, we feel that education and information are critical to the potential or current bird owner. Here are some articles that will give you more information about different aspects of bird care and behavior.

  Two Amazon parrots An Introduction to Parrot Island
 Our Business Philosophy
 Ethics, Not Just a Word
 A Pet Parrot Isn't for Everyone
 Selecting a Quality Breeder or Petstore
 Why I Recommend Certain Breeders and Bird Shops
 To Err in Favor of the Bird

General Care
 General Care of Pet Birds
 Giving Your Parrot a Bath
 The Necessity of Full-Spectrum Lighting
 A Good Night's Sleep
 Why We Use and Recommend Acrylic Cages
 Parrot Island Acrylic Cage and Carrier Care
 Treasure Chest Assembly and Care

Diet and Nutrition
 Recommended Foods Part 1: Formulated Diets
 Recommended Foods Part 2: Seeds & Natural Foods
 Recommended Foods Part 3: ''People Foods'' and Treats
 Recommended Foods Part 4: Specific Bird Recommendations
 My Bird Won't Eat That
 My Bird Won't Eat That Either: Converting Your Bird to a Better Diet
 Sneaky Nutrition
 Sally Blanchard's ''Famous Glop'' Recipe

Behavioral Information
 Checking the "Status Quo"
 The Importance of Cage Dominance
 Train, Don't Nag
 Merlin vs. His Hormones: One Bird's Story
 Can That Bird Talk?
 Parrots and Noise
 Ambient Learning and Birds
 ''Maul'' Your Bird
 One Method of Introducing New Things
 Scooter See, Scooter Do!

Veterinary Health
 New Developments in Avian Medicine
 The Complexities of Feather Destructive Behavior
 Why a Good Bird Vet is Hard to Find
 Why We Use and Recommend Acrylic Cages
 Parrot Island Acrylic Cage and Carrier Care

Special Interest
 "Break A Leg"
 For the Love of Parrots
 Why Not a Parakeet, Cockatiel, or Other Small Parrot
 A Terrific Minnesota Trip
 Sally's Product Review
 Traveling with My Birds
 For Popeye
 Sad But True

Species Specific
 The Basic Care of Canaries
 The Poicephalus and I
 An Introduction to Senegal Parrots
 A Tale of Three Meyers Parrots
 Tips on Keeping Your Amazon Tame
 Lieutenant Columbo and I

Recommended Reading
 Recommended Reading


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