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  Harmful Foods & Plants


  • Avocado - All parts could be toxic. Safer if cooked, but best to be avoided.
  • Corn - This food is safe. Only the green stem and leaf may be toxic. Completely safe when cooked.
  • Potato - This food is safe. Only the green stem and leaf may be toxic. Completely safe when cooked.
  • Eggplant - Though eggplant is most likely safe, it is best to avoid over-ripe fruit or stems and leaves.
  • Broccoli, Cauliflower - Any vegetable with a coarse and open surface should not be fed raw unless you are certain that no pesticides or other chemicals were used on them at any time.


  • Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Fig, Hog Plum, Loquat, Mountain Plum, Paw Paw, Peach, Pear & Plum - All of these fruits are safe, but their seeds, pits, bark, leaves and other wood may contain toxins and should be avoided.
  • Mango - The fruit is safe and very good for birds. Large quantities of the skin may be toxic and should, therefore, be avoided.
  • Pomegranate - Is considered to be completely safe, but some experts claim that the crop impaction may occur if over eaten. To avoid this, feed small quantities at a time.
  • Raspberries, Blackberries, Boysenberries - These fruits are safe, but like rough, coarse or porous vegetables, they cannot be cleaned well and should not be fed raw unless that are chemical free.
  • Cantaloupe, Melons - These fruit and seeds are safe. The rough skin of some melons cannot be cleaned and should be treated like Berries and Broccoli.


  • Cashew, Macadamia Nuts - Fresh nuts and tree sap may be toxic. Safer if dried or roasted.
  • Brazil Nuts - Large quantities of fresh or raw nuts are toxic. Safer if roasted and fed in small amounts.
  • Peanuts - Nut is safe. Shell may contain mold or fungus. Feed only clean human grade peanuts.

Trees & Woods

  • Black Lotus, Cedars, Horse Chestnut, Lilac & Yew - All parts of these trees may be toxic and they should be completely avoided.
  • Oak, Black Walnut, Bitter Almond, Box Elder & Fruit Trees - The green skin, sap and seeds of these trees may be toxic. The wood is safe if dried.
  • Eucalyptus - All parts of some varieties are toxic. The wood is safer if dried. Some varieties are safe.
  • Iron Wood - The leaf of this tree (?and other elm trees?) may be toxic and should be completely avoided. The wood is safe.

Other Foods

  • Chocolate, Caffeine, Alcohol, Nicotine & Narcotics - These and any food containing them are toxic. They can cause immediate death and should be completely avoided.
  • Refined Sugars, Salt & Fat - Foods with large amounts of these can cause serious long-term damage to a bird's system and they should be avoided.
  • Artificial additives (i.e. sweeteners, flavors, colors & preservatives) - Any of these may build up in a bird's liver or kidneys and lead to serious disease or early death. They should be avoided whenever possible.

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