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  Treasure Chest Assembly and Care

Here are some useful hints on how to assemble (some XL model Treasure Chests are shipped with the drawers separately packed) and care for your new Parrot Island Treasure Chest Foraging Toy. *We have also sent along a handout entitled "One Method of Introducing New Things" that we have found to be very helpful in getting companion birds to accept new toys or foods and in the avoidance of the fear response some people see in their bird when something new is introduced. Please read this article before attempting to place this new toy in your bird's cage.

  1. If you have one of the XL models that has been shipped with the drawers removed — simply remove the wing nuts and washers from the mounting screws located on the back of the Treasure Chest frame. The top of any hanging model Treasure Chest is easiest to determine by the location of the mounting screw holes in the back. Depending on the model there will be several sets of screw holes in each side of the back (these allow a variety of mounting screw placements to fit the many different cage styles available). The top will have the mounting screw holes located closest to it. After locating the top you can slide the drawers in.

  2. When mounting any hanging model Treasure Chest it is best to slide the drawers into the forward position completely before hanging it on the side of your bird's cage. This prevents the drawer stops from becoming trapped between the back of the Treasure Chest and the cage — which would not allow them to slide freely forward. Once properly mounted on the cage the drawers are prevented from sliding fully back (or becoming trapped) by the cage.

  3. Cleaning: The Treasure Chests have been designed to be easily cleaned. Remove the Treasure Chest from the side of the cage (be careful not to allow the drawers to fall out the back of the frame). Remove the drawers and flush them and the frame with warm water. We recommend the use of Oxyfresh Cleansing Gele' (available on our website) to clean and disinfect the Treasure Chests (and everything else we use with our birds). Antibacterial dishwashing liquid (e.g.: Dove or Palmolive) mixed at a dilution rate of 2 tablespoons per quart of water is also fine. DO NOT place the Treasure Chests in your dishwasher - we are unsure of how the varying heat temperatures that different washers have as well as the concentrated detergents will affect the acrylic over time.
Thank you for purchasing one of our Parrot Island Treasure Chest Foraging Toys! We are sure your bird will enjoy it! By taking a little time (as the attached article suggests) to introduce it and also by changing what you put in the drawers each day (food, toys, toy parts) your bird will not become frightened or bored with it as it will be like a new toy each day!

If you have any questions or comments on the Treasure Chests (or anything else you have purchased from us) please feel free to contact us.

Terry, Shari & Troy Beaudoin

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