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  Parrot Island Acrylic Cage and Carrier Care

After having used these cages since 1988 we have developed what we feel is the best method to care for your pet bird in your new acrylic cage. Our main concern is to keep our birds in the cleanest, healthiest environment we can and have that task be as easy as possible.

Parrot Island is an Authorized Independent Oxyfresh Distributor. The only cleaner that we use at Parrot Island is the Cleansing Gele'. We have tried many different types of cleaners over the years and the Cleansing Gele' has been by far the best, both from the standpoint of being an excellent cleaner that does not smear as well as the only cleaner we know of that safely inactivates avian polyoma virus.

  1. The tray of your cage should have the paper changed at least once a day. Also, be sure to wipe out the tray with the Cleansing Gele'. *Note: We only use softer white paper towels (we have found Bounty to work best) to clean or buff our cages.

  2. Spot clean the rest of the cage daily. Check for any waste or food that has been smeared on the side. With these cages it is both visible and easily removed. Note: Daily touch up of your cage is essential for your birds well being and makes the thorough every two to three week cleaning of your cage very easy.

  3. Every three days the underside of the tray and the bottom of the cage that the tray rests on should be thoroughly wiped down. The trays can not fit exactly (or they would not slide) and some waste or food can get under them.

  4. Every two to three weeks the cage should be completely taken apart and thoroughly wiped down. This involves removing the roof, tray and everything inside the cage. Having the cage rest on a stand that is on wheels can simplify this step greatly, especially with the larger models of cages. It allows you to gain access to any part of the cage easily. We have an excellent line of cage stands that are custom built for these cages, but any stand that completely supports the bottom of the cage is fine.
NOTE: The roof and tray (or trays) of your acrylic cage are the parts you should be the most careful with. Since your cage (including the roof and tray) are clear it is quite easy (if you are not paying attention) to break them (typically they may crack and can be fixed at your cost if you contact us) by dropping them or banging them into something. Also be careful when moving the entire cage for the same reasons.

Although we use the most scratch resistant clear acrylic available it is still possible for you to scratch your cage. If you scratch your cage there is a simple product called Novus 2 scratch polish - it can be found at most hardware stores or acrylic companies. Again, only use softer white paper towels (we have found Bounty to work best) to clean or buff your cage.

Thank you for purchasing one of our acrylic cages, we sincerely believe they are the best cages we have ever used. If you have any questions or comments about your cage please feel free to contact us.

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