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The extended Beaudoin Family:

Shari:    Mateo - Hyacinth - Male - 6 Years
Columbo - DYH Amazon - Male - 7 Years
Scooter - Black Capped Caique - Female - 5 Years
Skeeter - Black Capped Caique - Male - 3 Years

Terry: Merlin - Dusky Pionus - Male - 13 Years
Sam - DYH Amazon - Female - 11 Years

Troy: Charles - Bronze Winged Pionus - Male - 4 Years
Leon - Standard Poodle - Male - 3 Years

 Our Birds

At Parrot Island we believe the selling of large quantities of birds to be unethical. (See the article entitled Our Business Philosophy). We sell a few babies each year to people who are well educated in the responsibilities of their care. We also support a local avian adoption service and recommend that alternative to many of the people referred to us. Although we do believe that raising limited numbers of healthy, well socialized baby parrots is a good thing - we also believe that the placing of as many of the adoption birds into good homes as possible to be very important.

Here are some pictures of the birds owned by the people at Parrot Island as well as a number of our customer's birds. We hope you enjoy them:

African Greys








Rainbow Lory


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